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In the northwest, there is a missile testing range.

The Treaty expressly preserved the status of the rulers of Suðreyjar; the Mac Rory lands, excepting Bute, Arran, and Jura, became the Lordship of Garmoran, a quasi-independent crown dependency, rather than an intrinsic part of Scotland.

Amy married the Mac Donald leader, John of Islay, but a decade later he divorced her, and married the king's niece instead (in return for a substantial dowry).

As part of the divorce, John deprived his eldest son, Ranald, of the ability to inherit the Lordship of the Isles, in favour of a son by his new wife.

As compensation, John granted Lordship of the Uists to Ranald's younger brother Godfrey, while making Ranald Lord of the remainder of Garmoran.

However, on Ranald's death, disputes between Godfrey and his nephews (the elder of which founded Clan Ranald) lead to an enormous amount of violent feuding.

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