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If the report was saved with data, the viewer would ask you if you want to refresh the data or use the data saved with the report (in which case you would not be prompted for parameter values).

After prompting you for parameter values, the viewer would display the report with all the preview functionality available within Crystal (drilldown, tree view, export, zoom, print).The report can also be invoked from a desktop shortcut, a batch file, or another program using command line options.After starting Data Link Viewer, you would see a screen similar to this: Use the button to browse for and open a report for the first time.That dialog also has a button that allows you to check for software patches on my web site and install them online.This patching mechanism is very fast since the patches are typically very small (contain only file changes). if you Right-Click a report row in the grid, the following popup menu is displayed: To delete a report from the grid (but not from the hard drive) select ‘Delete Row’ from the popup menu or select the report row and hit Ctrl-Delete.

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