Updating apache on windows

The packages include an installer which needs to be manually started to ensure these required files are installed on your system.

VC9 x64 There is an experimental VC9 x64 listed in the downloads page pulldown-list of downloads which is currently being tested, but is not production ready and therefore is not a general public release at this time.

Collab Net Subversion Edge works on all versions of Windows XP and later.

(Google was not able to help on this occasion) Click Once is a good solution, but if you wish to have total control then you can roll-your-own.

It is also highly flexible, and lets you determine what tasks to execute and on what conditions - you set the rules.

Last by not least is the support for any updates source (web, Bit Torrent, etc) and any feed format - whatever is not implemented you can just write by yourself.

Bear in mind that if you do wish to use it, you may need to re-write or patch your code should it be officially released.

View our resources page for VC8 x64 and VC9 x64 here if you require this download.

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