Steam frozen updating

Misfortune befell the army, and it was quickly overpowered by the vast Zamorakian forces.

Afterwards, the Saradominists built a temple around the cave and named it the Temple of Lost Ancients.The foot-soldiers of each army are dedicated to one of four major gods involved in the God Wars: Armadyl, Bandos, Saradomin, or Zamorak.A deeper level, the Ancient Prison, contains a fifth army, that of Zaros.A new approach to cycling: Three amateur inventors have come up with a steam-powered bike that uses sustainable wood chips for fuel.Richard Backborow, Graham Waldren and Mat Thompson are pictured from left to right For when the chips aren't down: The bike works by burning wood chips (pictured) inside the contraption’s biomass engine, which gives off gas that is condensed into steam.

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