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It also fouls up the barrel of a firearm less than non-jacketed bullet.

JSPs are considered a good middle ground between a hollow point (HP) and a semi-wadcutter (SWC, ).

Release refers to the amount of water being released from Canyon Lake Reservoir Dam into the Lower Guadalupe River in CFS (Cubic Feet per Second).

The Upper Guadalupe River is NOT affected by Canyon Lake. River does not endorse any of the businesses in this directory and cannot certify that the information about Outfitters is true and accurate.

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This means less lead powder coating the inside of the barrel. The end product is faster muzzle velocity and greater penetration. Unlike a full metal jacket that completely encases the bullet in a coating of metal alloy, the soft point leaves a portion exposed.

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PROS: Slower expansion than HP CONS: Greater muzzle velocity than HP This type of bullet has a blunted tip.

It’s typically favored in .38 snub-nose style revolvers. Related: Wadcutter (WC) – Wadcutters have wider, flatter meplats than SWC.

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