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Austin was an illiterate who had begun his working life on a farm as a scarecrow paid 1 penny per day, The company was established as a for-profit joint stock company, with the objective of building new houses for the working classes "in consequence of the destruction of houses by railroads and other improvements".

Whilst earlier philanthropic housing companies such as the Peabody Trust and the Improved Industrial Dwellings Company focused on multi-storey blocks of flats in the inner cities, the Artizans Company aimed to build low-rise housing in open countryside alongside existing railway lines to allow workers to live in the countryside and commute into the city.

Despite its distance from London at the time, the area was well served by railways.

The Palace Gates Line, opened in 1878 to serve nearby Alexandra Palace, had an intermediate station at Green Lanes, immediately adjacent to the site in question.

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As a result of London's rapid expansion during the early 20th century, and particularly after the area was connected to the London Underground in 1932, Noel Park became completely surrounded by later developments.The 1619 Earl of Dorset's Survey of Tottenham shows the area as forming the historic Duckett's (Dovecote) Manor; as with the rest of the Moselle valley, the land consisted almost entirely of woodland and pasture, with the only building shown in the area which was to become Noel Park being Dovecote House itself, dating from 1254 and the earliest recorded property in Wood Green.By 1880 the estate had been broken up into fifteen smaller farms.During the development of the area in the 1880s the river was culverted and the land between the river and Lordship Lane built on.The historic western boundary was the now-defunct Palace Gates Line of the Great Eastern Railway (GER), a short distance to the east of Wood Green High Road.

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