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One school leader said: “The increased amount of examinations and examination time has had a huge impact on the children.I have increasingly seen more stress and mental health-related incidents due to these changes.” Another said: “Clearly this has put an additional pressure on the students which seems ironic when the government is highlighting the need to support our young people and their mental health.” Under the new system, maths has increased from two to three papers, and English language from one to two papers.Never, never, NEVER start the discussion of your relationship with your parents if you have even 0.01% of doubts yourself.If you go to discuss your possible intercaste marriage with your parents and come back convinced of its futility, the next day you’ll meet your boyfriend/girlfriend and regret your reaction.This point is a bit extreme, but it works because sometimes in our folly we’re unable to see what’s right in front of us. Remind your parents why the caste system was originally started-for classifying people belonging to different professions.In today’s world this basic reasoning behind the caste system has zero significance since majority of the people belonging to different castes have not continued in their “caste-professions”. Meghnad Saha who have proven the baselessness of caste lines by doing things totally outside the identity boxes they were “cast” in.An NSPCC spokesperson said: “We know from Childline that many teenagers struggle with exam stress and the pressure to perform well.

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A report issued by the ASCL union on Thursday said school leaders are “concerned” about the potential impact “such intense pressure” might have on young people.“The new GCSEs are more challenging, and there are more papers, and this is putting severe pressure on young people.” Children’s charity the NSPCC reported a surge in the number of young people seeking help through the Childline support service specifically as a result of exam results stress this year.Speaking ahead of GCSE results day, charity leaders said the new GCSE grading system meant this year’s cohort faced even more pressure than usual.Additionally, many pupils previously sat a single qualification in English, which has now been scrapped.School performance tables mean pupils have to be entered for both English language and English literature.

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