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If you're being answered by a real person, ask a few questions and see if you're getting a satisfactory response. Verify The Website's Certifications Various third-party certifications may be a good indication of increased security, privacy or good business reputation.

Click on those seals and confirm that they are authentic.

Many companies use telecommuting services to create a more affordable way of doing business.

Instead of paying employee's salaries, benefits and taxes, the business can outsource the work to professionals who work at an offsite location, which may even be their living room.

The following list contains legitimate companies that offer online jobs or home businesses and that have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau after meeting all their requirements.

The table below lists reputable websites that cater to people who wish to make money from the comfort of their own home.

A second option is to work for a company as an employee, but rather than go in to the office, your work area is at home.

They allow the person to work around their schedule and family's needs without diminishing the ability to earn a living.

This can be an outstanding career choice for those who have valuable skills but do not have the ability to go to work the traditional way. This includes providing a low-cost way of creating income since there are no fees to pay for driving to and from work or for childcare.

Are there any major telling signs that may help us know whether a certain company or offer is legit?

We've compiled a list of general guidelines and tips that will enable anyone to better judge how safe (or not) a site is.

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