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Though his significant other is vapid and cold at times, unloving and unresponsive frequently, Jongin takes every opportunity to marks his territory.In layman's terms: Jongin isn't as stupid or trusting as he likes to make people think.No es fácil amar y hacer lo correcto, a veces debes escoger; de cualquier modo, siempre habrá "cosas que vuelvan a tu memoria", aún si querías olvidarlas.Leeteuk asked for very few things from the members. There were only a few instances in life where they had rejected a direct request.Oh, and did you notice how much sexual tension he has on stage? Kangin is the bad boy of the group and he runs after pretty girls a lot, so I highly doubt his innocence. and Seungho are not virgins because they look like they’ve already done it with their exes. He looks he’d do it to release a lot of built up tension in him. PLUS, I already mentioned her thing with Hae in the past. : D And as I said, these are all my opinions and views based on how I’ve been observing them and hearing them in variety shows, music videos, interviews, fanmeets, concerts and fancams.Sungmin however may scream innocent, but remember, he’s been around girls since his young age and he dances sexily a little TOO well with girls if you know what I mean. He looks like he’s done it at least once in his early teens when he was a little curious. And he has a girl friend now, a girlfriend who poses with her chest puffed out in pink lingerie. Key was a little doubtful, but I still couldn’t imagine it. O, Leejoon, Seungho Thunder grew up very sheltered and when he came to Korea he was practially shipped to debut. His viewpoint of love itself is so juvenile as well. Seungho even seems like he’d had a one night stand. We’ll never really know the truth unless they admit it themselves (FAT CHANCE). I’m very curious about who you think are virgins and who aren’t.

Kyungsoo doesn't really care what people think about him, and it's the main reason he's comfortable fucking Chanyeol knowing damn well he's got a boyfriend.So without further ado: SUPER JUNIOR: VIRGINS- Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Eunhyuk, Siwon (50%), Kibum NON-VIRGINS- Heechul, Leeteuk, Hankyung, Shindong, Yesung, Donghae, Kangin, Sungmin I cannot imagine Kyuhyun and Ryeowook having sex. Hankyung is guilty by association with Heechul and ’cause he also seems like that type who does it with his girlfriend. He’s just like a younger brother (who’s incredibly tall) that acts more like a bridge than the people on it himself. I’ve never seen a girl so afraid of touching a guy so closely before haha), except for Jessica and Tiffany.Shindong obviously isn’t since he’s been in a relationship with Nari for more than 4 years. BLUE: VIRGINS- Minhyuk, Jungshin NON-VIRGINS- Jonghyun, Yonghwa Minhyuk is such a sweet looking person. He’s my bias as well, so I don’t want him to be a non-virgin because I want him to wait for me. Jonghyun, though I might get killed for this, looks very experienced. That was probably the breath of fresh air he needed that’s why he fell for her so deep. It’s not only because they’re born in America, but because there’s already been an issue with Tiffany in the party scene before and her wanting her skirt to be shorter than the rest of SNSD.Namjoon took notice of his fellow friend staring in the direction of the beautiful Omega. His eyes showed a mixture of happiness yet a glint of sorrow.

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