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Killer: Pierre De Bisschop (left), 47, is said to have shot his whole family, including his oldest son Jean (right), a university student, at their farmhouse in the Aisne region, 40 miles north of Reims The De Bisschops had met as students, both attending IÉSEG School of Management at Université Catholique de Lille, France's largest private university.

Mrs De Bisschops had graduated from a private high school in Lille that had been popular with the middle class, according Le Parisien.

Both Celine and Pierre worked in 'finance' after graduating from university, but when their oldest son Jean was born, the couple bought some land close to his parents in Aisne.

These are the three children shot dead by their father before he killed their mother and turned the gun on himself at their farmhouse in Northern France.

Pierre De Bisschop, 47, is believed to have killed sons Baudouin, 12, and Jean, 20, and his daughter Marion, 18, before shooting his wife Celine, 47 and finally committing suicide.

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