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The horses were sent as refugees from war-torn Crotia to Serbia in 1991 to protect them from the war that erupted after the break up of Yugoslavia.scroll down for more The Lipizzaners are kept at a farm near Novi Sad, about 42 miles northwest of Belgrade, amid continued wrangling between Serbia and Croatia over ownership and the cost of care.

General George Patton's rescue of the 425-year-old Lipizzaner breed.

The story was recreated in the 1963 Disney film "Miracle of the White Stallions," released on DVD for the first time this past year.

The majority of Lipizzans reside in Europe, with smaller numbers in the Americas, Africa and Australia.

Generally gray in color, the Lipizzan is a muscular breed that matures slowly and is long-lived. LESS ), is a breed of horse closely associated with the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, Austria, where they demonstrate the haute école or "high school" movements of classical dressage, including the highly controlled, stylized jumps and other movements known as the "airs above the ground." The horses at the Spanish Riding School are trained using traditional methods that date back hundreds of years, based on the principles of classical dressage.

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