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And I’m not just talking about working with, I mean built really strong friendships that we’ll have forever.And the support that Groundwerk has been providing us has been super valuable.If someone says, “You’re such a dork,” instead of hearing “You’re such a dork,” next time try hearing, “You care about doing well in school,” or “You work hard to get good grades and better yourself,” or “I am intimidated by the successful future that you are securing for yourself, and to make myself feel better I am attempting to cut you down with lame derogatory anachronisms.” So be proud, my geeky brothers and sisters.

A wicked scene with people lifting everyone up.” Connect with I M U R at their Official Website and on Soundcloud & Facebook Follow Groundwerk on Soundcloud, Facebook & Instagram Interview & Photos by Chris Marcinkiewicz (The GOAT).Be proud to be an academic geek, a Shakespeare geek, a computer geek, a piano geek, or a sports geek. The only thing you shouldn’t do is let your fear of what other people will think or say stop you from doing whatever excites you—that thing that you truly care about, that thing that sends a rush through you so positively exhilarating and maddeningly pulsating with life that it makes dancing on a yacht seem about as much fun as a bird pooping on your shoulder.Jenny: Our plan is to move to Montreal and just grind while we’re over there.The teams compete against each other in weekly elimination challenges until the final team wins a large cash prize.In short, no matter what, saying, “We think you’d be great for this show” is tantamount to telling a girl, “Hey, you look dumb! ” Chris quickly declined, but I was reluctant to say no. We drew a nude model (when this happened, the geeks collectively blushed so hard that it raised the temperature of the room by 10 degrees).

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