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Finlay, N (in prep) 'A new 'Obanian' shell midden on Colonsay, Inner Hebrides: recent fieldwork at Port Lobh' (manuscript in preparation for submission to ) Finlay, N (in press) The Mesolithic Period, in Essays on the Local History and Archaeology of West Central Scotland. Finlay, N and Mc Allen, L 2004 'Section 3.17 Geophysical Survey at Sand, Applecross', Hunter-gatherer Landscape Archaeology. University of Leicester (Leicester Archaeology Monographs No.7): Leicester, 133–41.Finlayson, B., Finlay, N and Mithen, S 1996 'Mesolithic Chipped Stone Assemblages: Descriptive and Analytical Procedures used by the Southern Hebrides Mesolithic Project' .Ballin, T B and Johnson, M 2005 'A Mesolithic Chert Assemblage from Glentaggart, South Lanarkshire, Scotland: Chert Technology and Procurement Strategies'. Bell, M., Chisham, C., Dark, P and Allen, S 2006 'Mesolithic sites in coastal and riverine contexts in southern Britain: current research and the management of the archaeological resource', 77, 232 – 240.Blockley, S P E., Lowe, J J., Walker, M J., Asioli, A., Trincardi, F., Coope, G.Schmitt, L., Larsson, S., Burdukiewicz, J., Ziker, J., Svedhage, K., Zamon, J and Holger, S 2009 'Chronological Insights, Cultural Change, and Resource Exploitation on the West Coast of Sweden During the Late Palaeolithic/Early Mesolithic Transition'.Hunter-Gatherer Landscape Archaeology, The Southern Hebrides Mesolithic Project 1988-1995. 2 Archaeological Fieldwork on Colonsay, computer modelling, experimental archaeology, and final interpretations John Donald: Edinburgh, 272–283.If you are a commuter Monday to Friday you're less likely to encounter that.Reduced service from Glasgow to Ayr/Largs/Ardrossan/Gourock/Wemyss Bay, Newton/Neilston, East Kilbride/Kilmarnock/Girvan, Shotts, Croy and Anniesland.

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