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Take for example a broken arm: you set the bone, place a cast, wait a few weeks, and the bone recovers.In stroke, although improvement from the initial symptoms is the rule, there is a tremendous amount of variability in the degree of progress.As I chewed on some scrumptious eggs of my own, Alexa's eyes then flashed, and she suddenly stood up. "You were going to earlier before Merissa interrupted us," Alexa whined, her voice suddenly all needy, and full of lust. "Jeremy, fuck me," she begged, pulling me up and dragging me toward the wall. As a speech pathologist who specializes in speech/language therapy post-stroke, I can tell you that there is no quick or easy recovery of communication function.I recommend a speech evaluation to determine diagnosis, (there are several tyes), and prognosis.Alexa was so hurt and confused about what she should or should not do, should or should not say, even, how she should act around Merissa. * * * - Thursday, April 17, 2014 -- -- Lake Quivira, Kansas -- (Two Months Later // Flashback) I watched from the adjacent living room as Alexa hummed to the music stemming from her smartphone as she prepared coffee, eggs and toast in the kitchen at the early time of am. Probably a much better idea." Startled, Alexa and I turned, and found Merissa standing at the side entryway to the kitchen. Merissa, come over here and get some food before you have to go to class." Alexa's eyes scoured her best friend from head to toe. You're lookin' hot today, baby." Merissa blushed again. "I never knew how much you and Jeremy truly cared for each other, Lexi, until these past two months came along. I can feel it EVERYWHERE." She stood up and plucked a small, framed portrait of Alexa, Cooper and I together from the top of the microwave. "We can take Cooper to the dog park with Izzy and Teddy, and go for a walk. In the process, however, I looked back and smiled at Alexa, but seemingly all of my wife's attention and focus right now was on Merissa as she trotted away from us.Alexa was absolutely furious at Grayson, frustrated for Merissa and her many, serious injuries, and on the verge of a mental breakdown because she could not stand the idea of her best friend being forced to move elsewhere. Alexa had gotten out of bed as per her routine, at am sharp with Izzy, who had claimed the foot of the bed as his own last night. Alexa loved the tiny morkshire terrier, as she did our other dog (Teddy), a teacup maltese. This is usually not on the itinerary until the weekend. "What you and I did together last night will ALWAYS be on my itinerary." My body shivered at the wonderful memory as Alexa and I again made love in our bedroom last evening. aww, hell." Alexa's resolve suddenly caved in, and she kissed me madly, hungrily. We both straightened up and made ourselves appear decent for our good friend and house-mate, who had been inhabiting the guest bedroom downstairs for the past two months. "Thank you." Merissa did look quite nice, I must admit, wearing a coral minidress with a halter top. The outfit, particularly its bouncy skirt, really highlighted her legs. Alexa, in fact, COULD NOT take her eyes off of Merissa.

" Alexa suddenly suggested, full of hope, glancing back my way for a brief instant. "No wonder you're always in such a good mood, Jeremy! I did not really understand what had just happened. I was probably overreacting like normal; Merissa was Alexa's best friend, and she simply did not want to be lonely today.It is not accurate or fair to compare one person's recovery to another, due to the many variables affecting speech/language, including: location and extent of brain trauma ,age and health, and how quickly and frequently speech services are implemented. My mom had a stroke September 2009, she left the hospital after 6 weeks with very little speech, just yes/no, the rest was a nonsensical.Today, almost 18 months after her stroke, 6 months of outpatient speech therapy and she continued speech therapy at a local university's speech clinic.You've had nothing but terrible things to say about Georgia for the past two years. That right hand and wrist was in a splint, also courtesy of the vicious assault from Grayson. My mom says that I can move to Georgia and stay with her and Colton, start over fresh, have a new beginning. Maybe I could help him with it, I don't know." Tears were streaking down Alexa's face. "My life would never be the same if you were no longer in it." Merissa sighed. You're my best friend too, like a sister, and I love you. There is nowhere for me to go and I would have no means of supporting myself. "But if I do get released Monday, Mom wants me in Georgia by the end of next week." "WHAT? Alexa could not bear the thought of no longer having Merissa in her daily, everyday life. "It's not fair that Grayson can totally wreck your life, break your bones and cause you to have two different surgeries, and then STILL be causing problems for you in the aftermath, when he is under lock and key, house arrest. "Not everyone can be married to a wealthy doctor and have a sweet, little baby at age 22, and live in utopia like you do. "You're my best friend, and I don't want you to go! But I did not realize what bad news he was until it was far too late." My mouth was pinched tight as I continued to sit in the corner with Cooper, in silence, my eyes focused on the two ladies.Why in the world would you suddenly decide to upend your life, and move there? It had been fractured and required surgery to repair it. You should not be forced to move to Georgia because of what that ROTTEN PIECE OF..." Alexa hesitated, probably remembering that Cooper and his young, impressionable ears were also in the room with us. You may not believe this, but sometimes people are forced to do things they don't want to do." Alexa's eyes went wide. " Whoa; did Merissa just take a colossal, verbal shot at Alexa and our life together? What happened to Merissa was awful and disgusting, of course, but I was actually more worried for Alexa at this point. Basically my everything, along with Cooper, of course. Then again, whenever Alexa and I were close, the rest of the world failed to exist. "I have a class at seven o'clock and only 35 minutes to make a 30 mile trip on the expressway." Merissa offered me a quick, friendly hug and then did the same for Alexa, but added a kiss on the cheek for her as well.

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