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Creating this altarpiece assembled from many wood panels bonded together before painting was an arduous undertaking.

The work was not only large, the central panel was 7 by 13 feet, but it had to be painted on both sides since it could be seen from all directions when installed on the main altar at the centre of the sanctuary.

The front panels make up a large enthroned Madonna and Child with saints and angels, and a predella of the Childhood of Christ with prophets.

The reverse has the rest of a combined cycle of the Life of the Virgin and the Life of Christ in a total of forty-three small scenes; several panels are now dispersed or lost.

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Extant remains of the altarpiece not at Siena are divided among several other museums.

Christ's followers, Joseph and John, remove him from the cross while Nicodemus removes nails from his feet.

The Virgin Mary looks into his closed eyes while Mary Magdalene holds his arm, and you can see the painful expression in everyone’s eyes as they tend to the dead Christ.

The background has the same gold texture as in the "Crucifixion" and the cross that held Christ has blood running onto the ground, increasing the sense of realism in the scene.

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