Dating with padded bra

Who on earth would trust the security of their stockings to such a fallible system?In a desperate attempt to boost declining sales, women were subjected to a colourful revolution of modern fabrics, and, for better or worse, their underwear took part in this spectral fantasia.It only came to our attention recently that Marks & Spencer also sold corsets.That so few survive suggests that they were not well made (unlikely) or that they simply were not popular.Although the British produced girdles at least as good and strong as their American counterparts, they never quite produced the same quality of panty-girdle although Marks & Spencer came closest.Almost a decade later than America, at the beginning of the 1970's, even with such beautiful girdles on offer, the majority of Britain's women suddenly realised that a social revolution had occurred.Each year M&S subtly changed the panelling, but the entire construction in satin elastic was a feature of the first of these foundations (top left).A later model incorporates some nylon flanking the central front panel, but the majority is satin elastic (middle right).

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Some of these pantie-girdles represent the nadir of this collection.

The Beatles, Carnaby Street, Christine Keeler and the Swinging Sixties had moulded their daughters' attitudes, and mature women decided that the panty-girdle would mould theirs.

The girdles and the corsets of their mothers were discarded within a few years and Britain changed forever as mothers followed their daughters into the panty-girdle and very rapidly into no lower foundation garment at all.

Hook-front was an option instead of the metal zipper on this exquisitely panelled girdle (top right).

In the 1970's, heavy elastic replaced the satin at the sides and the front was faced in fancy nylon (bottom left). The boned 'roll-on' without zip or other entry was the last incarnation (bottom right).

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