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"We feel that Naked Attraction is revealing and made to be entertaining.

"As the programme contains nudity it is screened in a pm Adults Only time slot.

The Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) said any complaints about broadcasts – other than privacy and election programme complaints – must be made to the broadcaster first.

The broadcaster then has 20 working days to respond with a written decision.

Finding sex partners here is made easy with our adult entertainment website.If the complainant is not happy with the decision or does not receive one at all, the complaint can be referred to the BSA who will decide whether standards were breached.On the go and no time to finish that story right now?National director of Family First Bob Mc Coskrie compared the show to porn and questioned why it was screened on a Friday night when children were likely to be watching TV."Full frontal nudity has always been off-limits on television but it now seems that anything goes and that it is a race to the most offensive and shocking content possible. 'Family viewing' should now be treated with great caution." Family First said they had been "swamped" with complaints from families "horrified" at how the show has caused free-to-air TV standards to hit rock bottom.

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