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I try to read all prayers every day and do truly ask the Lord to hear your prayers and my prayers for you all. Thank you for all the blessings that my family and I received.And in doing so I realize that stress at work, no matter how great, is child’s play compared to most people’s crosses. Please help, me find the true person I need in my life. Please dearest Lord all the angels and saints, nanay, tatay, lolo, lola, please, I hope I will pass all my subjects. Angelica 1/2/18: Saint Jude please help me I cant take care of my 75 year old mother anymore she has dementia and a pain pill addiction. Annette1/2/18: Lord, thank you for all your provisions. Please help us with financial stability, to draw closer to You, to be good parents to our children, to understand our readings and allow Your will to be done unto us. Open his mind to absorb all that he's being taught so that he may continue to advance. May he learn to Let Go, and Let God, and allow Your Holy Spirit to flow inside him. CM1/2/18: Please pray for the repose of the soul of my friend Barbara and my deceased family and friends. Elizabeth 1/2/18: Please pray that my husband and I will remain healthy as we go on vacation for the next two months.

Rosa S.1/9/18: Please pray for me as I am under tremendous stress at work. My husband and I can’t do anything to help, only pray. My son has a lot of anger and they are having a difficult time talking about their problems without name calling and hatred. Please ask the Lord to give them guidance and strengthen their family. Denise1/3/18: Lord, Mama Mary, and Dearest God, please forgive me that I have sinned.

We're trying to give as many people as possible a chance to be heard on this prayer line. Prayer is a beautiful, as well as essential, way to ask for Our Lord’s help and blessings. 1/12/18: Please pray that my parents’ house be sold in their memory. And for the stability of our finances that my children and I will be complete and intact again. Bivin1/10/18: Please pray that I may get a good job soon. He is very down on himself and I am scared of what the failure will do to his already low confidence. 1/10/18: Please pray for me that my eldest two kids will open their hearts to me respect me more. All I want is my kids to be happy and well and want me as their mum. Dear Lord, I pray for more togetherness and empathy in 2018. I pray that she will be able to recall the things that she has studied and have all questions that would appear on the exam. Rolando H.1/10/18: Dear God, please keep the world that you have created and all your creatures and creations healthy and safe from disasters, that we know you have not intended for them. Fill our hearts with love and understanding for each other. Please pray that she can recover enough to come home and be with me before she goes. Please also pray that I can save her home from foreclosure so that she can come home. Maureen1/8/18: For Vi H and PH, who have been married for 27 years and whose marriage is in a rocky place, that they seek counseling to renew their love for each other and their commitment to one another. We have started treatments today and pray that the cancer will shrink and be maintained. Give him courage, strength, guidance, and wisdom to continue his education and his job. Lillian 1/8/18: My prayer request is that Social Security releases the money they owe us for the week of Dec. They have been playing with us for 10 years and my wife needs her Medicare. Please let these next few weeks go well for him and let him get the sleep he needs. Jill1/7/18: Please help me to pray for my mother to come home and be back to us. Give her strength and courage to face all of the problems. Extra: conversion of my parents, grandma and Godchild. I hope that she will not be enrolled in subjects with terror professors. While undergoing a hemorrhoid operation she had a stroke on the right side of her brain paralyzing her left side. Finny1/5/18: They want to take my cousin to the hospice facility. And for the following: that Conrad lets me make monthly payments on my property’s taxes Joan St. That this year I receive a windmill of wealth wiping out all debts. (Financial Blessing) Take it, dear Heart of Jesus, and place it with your own broken heart where your Father will see it. I want to be able to understand when I read the Bible. Release all the stress and fears and let him be happy and healthy. Amen1/5/18: I need prayer for the Lord to be foremost in my life. Ian1/5/18: Please madam/sir, pray for me, Madhavi from Malaysia. Thank you for all the blessings that me and my family received, and for the continued blessings. I pray that he continues to trust me and open his heart to me. Jude, please help me my husband my daughter and grandchildren that things get better for us. Please help me financially during this difficult time being the sole provider for this family and that I do better at my job. Carolyn1/5/18: Dear Lord, I am thankful and grateful for your blessings. Abecor1/4/18: I want to humbly ask you to pray for my mother. I can’t bear the thought of seeing her cry and suffer. Ilse1/4/18: For thanks and gratitude for all the many blessing given to me and my family. Margaret1/4/18: My boyfriend and I have had a healthy relationship for 3 years and more. The Knights of Mercy is a freely established Association of the Catholic Laity. Suzette1/3/18: Please pray for the restoration of my 2 years relationship with the love of my life, and for God's help in helping me overcome anger and jealousy. My husband has moved out of our house and moved in with his mother.

Even when God doesn’t answer our prayers as we’d like, He gives us the grace to cope with our problems and tragedies better in any case. Our Lord Himself said “ask, and you shall receive” (John ). That I can move on for a better life mentally and financially. And please also pray that my bloated stomach will vanish for good. With your divine guidance, may she able to answer all questions correctly and pass it. Please keep all families healthy and together, and please show them the righteous path that you want each of them to follow. I rebuke the enemy and I tell him to back off because this is my man and my relationship and he has no authority over this. Julie1/8/18: Please pray for my sister Mary who has a bubble in her liver. Daniela1/8/18: Please pray for Carmina to seek and find God for our Lord to keep her safe from the evil of the world. Please help me face things that are beyond my capabilities, because God, You have power to help me. J.1/8/18: Please pray that my relationship be restored and healed with my friend Lisa J. Release all the stress and fears.1/8/18: Dear Jesus, could you help my friend Raymond L. She needs an operation on her heart and they do not care. Ivo1/7/18: Please pray for my mother, Dorel, and stepfather, Fitzroy, to sell their house. May God hear my prayers and grant them if they are His divine will. Please pray that her body may be restored to good health.1/6/18: Dear Lord/St. That my son Leland and I have a long healthy life free from all deadly diseases, cancer, etc. Its drifting him towards friends and away from his family. Then in His merciful eyes it will become your favor, not mine. JC1/5/18: Please pray for my wife, that she will forgive me and we can keep our marriage together. Oodi1/5/18: Please pray for my brother Anthony, that God would heal him of all his health issues. Ann1/5/18: Father, thank you for all that you have given me and my family. I’m an Indian woman over 7 months pregnant, but still I have my normal period bleeding. I pray our faith grows stronger and we help others. Lord, I pray for continued blessings of good health and happiness. Denise1/4/18: I need prayer to get my job back, as I was suspended, and for God to meet my needs right now; need bills paid. 1/4/18: Hello Everyone, I am saddened to announce that my older brother Louis passed away this afternoon. Thanks, Victor 1/4/18: I am asking prayer for my good friend who just lost her husband to cancer this morning. Please pray that this infection and the fever go away. I believe that with many praying, healing will come sooner. but due to family we are facing problems for marriage. We love and support the Holy Roman Catholic Church and the King of Mercy's vicar on earth, the Pope.1/3/18: Please pray for peace in my family, that I will be enlightened in how to deal with toxic and angry family members. Jude1/3/18: My girlfriend recently left me because she said she's a lesbian. He’s like a robot that does everything they tell him to do.

Linda 1/9/18: Please pray for me, and the others in my building, that solutions are found so none of us lose our ability to live here. I also ask for prayers for all my children/grandchildren/spouse, all siblings and their children, for good health and prosperity this year. Mohan1/9/18: Please pray that my medical procedure today is successful and that I am kept safe throughout the procedure and after. Please pray and intercede without ceasing that God's will be done in the lives of the world's leaders and for our leaders to seek God and listen to Him.

Elizabeth1/9/18: Please help me in my prayers for my son, that he will focus more in school, and to be a more responsible person. Thank you, thank you, thank you, our Heavenly Father. Deepti1/9/18: Another day: please continue praying for my cousin Ruth and please let her tumors be gone in his name I pray. Pray that they would be surrounded by Godly counsel, and that our leadership would personally know God and the salvation found through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

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