Catholic on line dating

As the 78-year old pontiff is famously open to new technology, we’ve asked Anthony Buono and Rose Ferguson of the online dating firm ANTHONY: Mainstream online dating has been respectable since took off around 1998.

Maybe there was a stigma about meeting someone online for many people, but privately they must have loved it because became huge and never looked back.

ANTHONY: Again, this is what it means to be on AMS.

People who join AMS are anti-contraception and pro-life.

Too many unmarried Catholics have a great many fears that they allow to rule them. God wants us to love ourselves and live His life through us. How can we represent the love of God carrying the burden of so many fears. ANTHONY: And as a side note, Holy Father, encourage them to bring the love they have to give to others in the many ways and opportunities there are to do so within their families, friends and communities.

The fear of growing old alone, of never having children, of having no one to share their life with, of never being loved and cherished by one person, that they will never meet the right person, that they're doing something wrong, of being hurt or betrayed, of getting divorced. There is no shortage of people who need their love.

I have to say that I wish everyone would focus more on what THEY bring to the table rather than what they are looking for in someone else.

ANTHONY: If they are being honest with themselves, they join the site because they can't meet quality single Catholics locally.

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ROSE: I think in general the men are more willing to get more specific.

They are tired of meeting those who say they are Catholic but turn out to not be serious about their faith.

They have suffered heart break and wasted valuable time investing in a person they thought was someone they weren't.

That made people relax about meeting someone online, and without their even knowing it, they found themselves paying more attention to that relationship status.

ANTHONY: Catholic online dating, on the other hand, has taken quite a long time to be accepted.

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