Carbon dating of bacteria

During the long interval of the Precambrian Era (which includes approximately 90% of geologic time and includes three Eons: the Hadean, the Archean and the Proterozoic) the only inhabitants of the Earth were simple microscopic organisms, many of them comparable in size and complexity to modern-day bacteria.

He discharged an electric spark into a mixture thought to resemble the appeared.In addition, mineral grains called zircon from sedimentary rocks from west-central Australia have recently been reported with an age of about 4400 million years.While we don't know exactly how the Earth was formed, we have some really good evidence to support the following hypothesis: The Earth began as part of the .Most of the meteorite craters which are evident on Earth are much younger.This was the so-called "Hadean Period" from 4600 - 3800 million years ago.

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