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The terms of the house arrest required Sassone's permission for all visitors, including reporters.Sassone's rulings in the case became an issue in her failed 2008 bid for re-election.On March 24, 2015, Miller would release his ninth album Ain't No Heaven In the Pen, it would feature guest appearances from Boosie Badazz, Shy Glizzy, Snoop Dogg, Callipoe Doefus, Al, Big Be, Bloc Boyz Click, Lil Kano, Montez, G-Dinero, Lil Soulja Slim, Adrian E and Jigga.In April 2016 C-Murder and Boosie Badazz released the collaborative album entitled "Penetentiary Chances" which is all about his murder charge which he still claims his innocence from to this day.

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In 1999 Miller released his second album Bossalinie it would prove to be even more successful charting at number two on the Billboard 200 with first week sales of 175,000.

While awaiting re-trial Miller was placed under house arrest.

Sassone allowed Miller to promote his new yet to be titled CD and novel, Death around the Corner, while under house arrest, but ruled that a gag order pertaining to the case would remain in effect.

In 2000 Miller also co-starred in the No Limit film Hot Boyz.

However, Judge Martha Sassone granted a new trial based on the claim that prosecutors improperly withheld criminal background information on three of their witnesses.

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