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Each city would have its own calendar and reckoning.

There were several different systems of months in use.

Once he started work, the problems of Greek chronography must have become exceedingly evident.

The second book of his Chronicle was drawn up in this way and entitled The Chronological Canons.Eusebius himself compiled a chronography of this kind, which is today known as book one of his Chronicle, and has the title The Chronography.But the problem for the reader was how to link information about rulers and events in one kingdom to events in other kingdoms.The revolutionary tabular format forces the chronologist to be precise in whatever data is entered and highlights any errors involved in synchronising lists from different kingdoms of kings and the number of years they reigned. 311 AD, and is responsible for the revolutionary format which transformed the study of history.Prior to Eusebius, a chronography would consist of lists of kings, and how long they reigned.

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